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Heater Repair & Service

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Although California is known for its roasting summers, locals know that it can actually get quite chilly during the winter. You never want to be without a fully functional heater, and if yours is on the verge of a breakdown, it is important to get it repaired right away. Otherwise, what may have begun as a minor issue will soon turn into a major predicament.

You can trust our dependable team at GM Climate Control Inc. to provide lasting solutions for all of your heater repair and service needs in North Hollywood. We service many different models and types of furnaces, heat pumps, and water heaters. Even if you are facing an emergency, never hesitate to call, since our greatest desire is to keep our customers comfortable all winter long.

Your satisfaction and comfort is our top priority. Call GM Climate Control Inc. today at 661-251-8756 or contact us online to ensure the job is done right the first time.


Signs Your Heater May Need Repairs

There are several warnings which you need to pay attention to the moment you notice them in your heating system. The sooner you can contact our repair team, the easier it is to fix your heater.

Some of the signals you should look out for include:

  • You are sure that your furnace is switched on, but for some reason, the heat is not rising in your house

  • The air coming out of your vents is moist, containing drops of condensation

  • You notice both debris and bits of dust blowing around in the vents

  • The furnace unit continues to stop and start at any given notice

  • There is a major lack of airflow within your air vents

  • Scenarios where your furnace vents are blowing out cold or cool air

  • You hear strange whirring or buzzing noises coming from either the vents or the furnace

What Is Causing the Problems in Your Heating System?

It is important to not only know the warning signs that your heating system is wearing out, but also what could be causing these problems in the first place. In some scenarios, the thermostat is malfunctioning, simply due to old age. This can raise or decrease your set temperature by five degrees in either direction. Alternatively, you could be facing problems in either the blower motor or the ignition. If these components become worn down or filled with dirt, this will eventually cause your entire system to collapse.

Get Professional Support Today

Sometimes people think that they can fix broken heaters on their own but trust us when we say that this inevitably leads to more wasted time and money. Instead, you need professionals from our quality team at GM Climate Control Inc. who have been specifically trained to identify and resolve repair issues in your heater system. Otherwise, you could end up accidentally making a costly mistake which only complicates the original matter and makes it more difficult to fix.