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Boiler Installation & Replacement

Whether you own a restaurant, retail store, warehouse, office building, or industrial property, selecting a commercial boiler for your business can be extremely challenging. On top of that, you need to make sure your new system gets installed correctly so that it will perform as it should. To simplify the process and ensure all goes well, work with a qualified HVAC engineer who has extensive experience designing, building, and installing commercial boilers.

GM Climate Control Inc. is your number one choice for a commercial boiler contractor in North Hollywood. Our expert technicians can handle all your installation and replacement needs. We’ll help you choose the right type and size of commercial boiler for your property, and then get it installed properly for maximum performance.


Your satisfaction and comfort is our top priority. Call GM Climate Control Inc. today at 661-251-8756 or contact us online to ensure the job is done right the first time.


Signs Your Commercial Boiler Needs Repairs

Is it time to call in the professionals to repair your boiler? It’s important not to wait until your system shuts down completely to seek help.

Common signs that you should call us for boiler repair include:

  • Your electricity bills are rising

  • Strange noises are coming from your system

  • Your boiler is leaking

  • There are uneven temperatures throughout your property

  • The water temperature isn’t hot enough

  • Your boiler needs to be restarted regularly

What’s Involved in a Commercial Boiler Service?

Your business depends on your boiler year-round. As one of the most valuable assets on your commercial property, you need your boiler to run as efficiently, steadily, and as long as possible. To achieve these goals, it is important to schedule professional service for your boiler at least once a year. Doing so will help prevent emergency breakdowns, ensure your system isn’t consuming more energy than necessary, and increase its lifespan.

A standard boiler service includes:

  • Visual check – A visual inspection is an important aspect of detecting signs of any type of problem that could be affecting your boiler’s performance. Our technicians will visually inspect the unit, casing, and pipework, as well as the surrounding area. We will also check that the burner flame has a proper appearance – it should have a distinctive blue color.

  • Inside inspection – The next part of the process involves opening the boiler and inspecting its internal components and pipework. After ensuring that the gas is shut off, the engineer will inspect several elements for damage, including the burner, heat exchanger, ignition, and seals.

  • Unit cleaning – While the unit is open for an inspection, the technician will clean away any dirt and debris that could affect your boiler’s parts.

  • Boiler testing – Following an inspection of the exterior and internal components, the engineer will run a series of tests to ensure that the boiler is operating at full capacity and efficiency. This involves testing the gas pressure, checking that there are no blocks or leaks in the flues and air intakes, and ensuring the system is not emitting unsafe emissions.

  • System report – After the service, our engineer will issue a report of any issues that were found and provide recommendations for how to resolve them.