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AC Repair & Service

Keeping You Comfortable


Keeping You Cool in the Summer Heat

Some parts of the world have four seasons. But in North Hollywood, we have sunny summer weather all year long, with a couple of wintry, rainy weeks here and there. This means that your air conditioner is constantly running, and when the temperatures on your thermometer begin to rise, your air conditioner has to work extra hard to keep your home cool. All this means that your air conditioner is also more likely to break down from constant overuse.

During the summer months, you especially cannot afford to have your air conditioner fail. Not only is living without AC uncomfortable, but it can be dangerous to the health of you and your family. Immediately contact GM Climate Control Inc. for any AC emergency you are experiencing.


Your satisfaction and comfort is our top priority. Call GM Climate Control Inc. today at 661-251-8756 or contact us online to ensure the job is done right the first time.


Common Issues That Require Air Conditioner Service

There is nothing quite as disappointing as turning on your air conditioning unit only to discover that no cool air is coming out, or worse, hot air is blowing. When this happens, you need to contact our dependable team immediately, so a minor problem does not become a major one.

Some of the typical problems you might be experiencing within your AC unit include:

  • Your AC system has not been fully charged with the right amount of refrigerant – When your air conditioning system has not been charged correctly with the right type of refrigerant or it has been emptied during a move, it will simply not be able to operate at all. You will notice it becoming less efficient until it finally stops running.

  • The fan located on the external part of your house is working very slowly – A key component that makes sure your AC works is the condenser fan, which is actually positioned outside your house. The condenser fan is supposed to keep the refrigerant cool by getting rid of any heat from the compressor. Because this crucial component has to labor extra hard, it is more liable to fall apart, sometimes due to a capacitor malfunctioning, or a problematic motor that causes the unit to overheat.

  • The fan is not spinning properly, or stops spinning entirely – This will make your compressor fail long before its time. If this occurs, you will require a replacement for the compressor as well as the fan to make the whole unit work.

  • Rooms that are not sufficiently chilled – Whether due to air ducts that are malfunctioning and damaged, air ducts that are leaking or kinked within the system, or the entire duct system having been designed poorly, there are all kinds of issues that will lead to diminished cooling.

  • Your A/C unit is blowing hot air rather than cold air – This major consequence can actually result from a variety of internal issues, such as thermostat batteries which have died, insufficient power connection to the system, or a diminished charge of your refrigerant.

  • Air filters that have not been changed regularly – When air filters become dirty, they create a whole host of problems for your AC. You need to frequently have your filters replaced, usually every three to six months or so. They might even need to be changed every month, depending on how dusty the air is around your home.

Do You Need a Solid Air Conditioning Company?

Whether you need significant repairs involving complete replacements, or minor maintenance, you can count on GM Climate Control Inc. to supply you with the highest quality of upgrades, repairs, and check-ups. Finding superb AC repair & services in North Hollywood has never been easier.