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Ductless Mini-Splits

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Ductless AC Installation & Repair

Whether you are looking to decrease your heating and cooling costs, cool a single zone in your home, or you need heating and cooling equipment for an addition to your house, a ductless mini-split is the perfect solution. These high-efficiency systems do not use ductwork and can be installed just about anywhere. It’s a convenient option for those who do not have a central air conditioning system, as well as those who need to replace their current cooling equipment.

At GM Climate Control Inc., our trained professionals perform expert repairs and installation on all types of ductless air conditioners. We can help you find the perfect system for your needs and budget, ensure that it gets installed correctly, and keep it running smoothly for years to come.


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What Is a Ductless Mini-Split?

A ductless mini-split is a heating and cooling system that operates based on heat transfer. During the warmer months, the system collects the warm air inside your home, passes it over refrigerant-filled evaporator coils that absorb the heat and send it to the outdoor unit, and dispenses cold air into your living space. In wintertime, the process is reversed. The outdoor unit absorbs heat from outdoor air and passes it through the refrigerant line to the air handler (indoor unit), which blows warm air into your home.

The primary components of a ductless mini-split include:

  • Outdoor unit – contains a condensing coil, a fan that cools the condenser coil, an expansion valve, and an inverter driving variable speed compressor

  • Indoor unit – the indoor air handling unit contains an evaporator and fan that distributes air throughout the living space

  • Refrigerant line-set – a pair of copper tubes that connects the indoor and outdoor units, enabling the transfer of refrigerant from the outdoor unit to the indoor unit

  • Remote control – used to set the desired temperature and to program the system for overnight function

A primary reason that ductless mini-splits are so efficient is due to the variable speed compressor that converts AC to DC. This allows the system to continuously match the heating cooling load, preventing the inefficient on/off cycling characteristic of conventional systems. It also helps you avoid uncomfortable temperature variations.

What Is Zoned Cooling & Heating?

Another reason that ductless mini-splits save money on energy and maximize comfort is because of zoned cooling and heating. Instead of controlling the temperature of your entire home when you adjust the thermostat, you can adjust the settings from room to room, or zone to zone.

Each room you wish to cool or heat has its own air handler, a self-contained unit that can be set to a specific temperature. That means your kids’ rooms can be set to whatever temperature they enjoy, while you enjoy your ideal climate in your room. Also, you won’t be dispensing conditioned air into rooms that you aren’t using.

Install a System That Will Last Longer!

One more essential benefit of ductless mini-splits is that they last longer than conventional systems, often up to twice as long. To ensure that you get the most out of your new system, make sure you have it professionally installed by GM Climate Control Inc. Our North Hollywood ductless mini-split experts have extensive experience setting up these units for optimal performance.