When we accept a job, we accept all the responsibility that goes with it. A Project Manager supervises the project from the initial contact through conceptual studies, engineering design, energy studies, sales, and construction (including final start-up and balancing). The responsibility continues through final acceptance and the warranty period.

For your project, an GM Climate Control Project Manager will be your personal representative. This individual is your contact from the inception of your project through completion and on-going warranty. Your Project Manager’s responsibility is to get your job done…on time and on budget.

GM Climate Control pioneered this single source of responsibility to assure that we adhere strictly to all of the project requirements, quality demands and time schedules. We meet your deadlines.

Keeping on schedule requires a large amount of up-to-date information. GM Climate Control maintains a computerized database on all projects to allow project managers to have immediate access to up-to-date labor reports, equipment and materials status, and time and cost accounting.

GM Climate Control has successfully completed projects of every variety- from simple warehouse installations to complex semiconductor and bio-tech fabrication facilities requiring the most advanced technological skills.

We can work with an engineer of your choice to develop and analyze systems for your project, or you can utilize GM Climate Control’s in-house engineering resources to design the system for your project that meets your quality and budget requirements. In both cases, we guarantee price, performance, and schedule.