ABOUT Climate Control

Building Confidence in Mechanical
Design, Construction & Service

Mechanical systems are the heart of buildings. They make buildings more marketable, more comfortable, and more profitable. A properly designed, installed, and maintained mechanical system conserves energy, cuts absenteeism, increases productivity, and reduces tenant turnover. It can save an owner a great deal of money.

Since 2002, owners and builders have selected GM Climate Control  to design, install, and maintain their projects.  GM Climate Control is an employee-owned company dedicated to the design, installation, maintenance and service of commercial and industrial HVAC, refrigeration, and building automation systems.

Whether your project is a low or high-rise office building, a shopping mall, hospital, semi-conductor fabrication facility or pharmaceutical manufacturing plant…GM Climate Control can design, build, install, and maintain a mechanical system to meet your needs.

GM Climate Control has found success by evaluating overall system performance, ease of installation, reliability and long term energy consumption costs, and how these variables relate to an owner’s needs.  Through innovative engineering, comprehensive design solutions, consistent work quality, and qualified maintenance; GM Climate Control confidently delivers the best possible solution.

GM Climate Control’s Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with the most cost-effective mechanical systems for their facilities through the integration knowledge of engineering, construction, and service.

GM Climate Control’s Beliefs & Values

The well-being of our employees is essential to our success.

We are committed to our customers and products for life.

Our suppliers need to be partners in our responsibility to our customers.

The health and safety of our employees, customers and the public are never to be compromised.

By delivering quality and value to our customers, our stakeholders will receive a fair return on their equity.

Strong relationships are based on performance and ethical standards.