Mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP) systems are crucial to the smooth running of any building. These are typically designed by a team of highly experienced consultants, contractors and engineers to ensure that each section coordinates not only with each other, but with the usage requirements of the building itself. Careful design, installation, maintenance and repair are necessary elements of a well-functioning MEP system. Additionally, there are many ways to integrate sustainable, resource-saving alternatives or measures when designing a new or renovating an existing building, for example water-saving faucets or passive measures to reduce electricity use.

Mechanical Engineer doing his design of pressure vessel

Mechanical systems are typically the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), but this can also related to other mechanical parts of the structure, such as elevators or escalators, crucial parts of the infrastructure, or even relating to machinery for processing or manufacturing.

Electrical systems take on various forms - the power supply and distribution of the building, the information and telecommunication systems, security and surveillance, alarm systems, lighting and much more. There is also overlap between the mechanical and electrical systems.

Electrician with hands protected by gloves and insulated tools works respecting the safety regulations in a residential electrical installation.
hands plumber at work in a bathroom, plumbing repair service, assemble and install concept

Plumbing systems refer to the pipes, valves, fixtures such as faucets or fountains, tanks or any other system that allow the movement of fluids. This may also including heating and cooling, water supply, water recovery systems, rainwater harvesting, sustainable drainage systems and more.


Good engineering is the base of any successful mechanical, electrical and/or plumbing system. An innovative, experienced engineer can take your project from functional to outstanding, with careful planning and reliable, durable utility. Here at GM Climate Control, we are experts engineers, delivering consistent top quality results at affordable prices for southern California residents. This means we are able to deliver code compliant, engineered systems that work under a wide variety of conditions - from the smallest project to the largest - able to last for years to come.


Consultants are expert professionals - such as architects, structural engineers, cost consultants, project managers, etc. - typically hired by the project client to provide advice or perform specific tasks during the MEP design/installation process. This can mean input on a wide variety of points such as simply providing advice on how to get the project started, assisting in the design of the MEP system plan, preparing product information, contacting city officials or administrators, inspecting the work of contractors or something else. 


No matter the size of your project, expert design is a necessary element of a well-functioning result. We believe that good design seamlessly combines the needs of the customers with the demand use of the building, ensuring that each element is up to code compliance. We aim to reduce costs when possible, without compromising quality, which may also include a return on investment (ROI) analysis or even full life cycle cost assessment (LCAA). We also aim to implement solutions that reduce resource use such as water saving fixtures, or energy efficient electrical. 


While good engineering and design form the foundation of a functioning, durable MEP system, regular maintenance ensure long-lasting use. GM Climate Control is proud to offer a variety of maintenance services to all our clients - residential to commercial, corporate to public. We can provide regular upkeep in all types of structures, from small residential units to high rise towers. We work closely with you to find a flexible, cost-effective schedule should you need regular maintenance, or we are here in emergency situations too!


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