Coverage for Pollution Caused By Contractors Is Crucial


When you’re redoing plumbing, electrical or even installing a new HVAC system, there are inherent risks. One of these risks is the pollution caused by the process. When it comes to liability coverage, not many people think about pollutants as a potential problem. The truth is, if you’re hiring a MEP contractor, you need to make sure that there is adequate liability coverage. An installation can directly cause mold development and air pollution.


Mold Development

Installing an HVAC system can lead to mold development when not installed properly. If your contractor has difficulty with the system, it’s possible that excessive moisture can be a problem. When people think about coverage from mistakes that contractors make, they don’t often think about mold or mildew. Not only are there molds that are dangerous to breathe in, but mold costs money to clean up. If your MEP contractor doesn’t have coverage, this is something you need to think about.


Air Pollution

Some contractors use generators as they work on their projects. This is particularly helpful if they need to shut off the power for any reason. Generators use a lot of fuel and leave an odor behind. Air contamination is something that you need to consider. In addition, solvents, adhesives and other substances may be used. Normally, you rely on the contractor to dispose of everything properly. The coverage is for what happens if they don’t.


Whenever you have a mechanical/HVAC contractor working on a job, there is a chance for pollution and other contaminants. Since the contractor is responsible, it’s important to make sure that there is adequate coverage. Not only do you want the contractor to be able to defend his or herself against statements of pollution, but it’s also important for the client to have protection in case he or she is owed damages due to a mistake by the MEP contractor.

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